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Producers Suniel Fox and Henry Strange recently recruited songwriter Noah Lowman to deliver their latest track, “Revolution,” along with a radio edit to complement it. When summertime comes around, the first genre I think of is house. There’s nothing like an anthemic house gem to get me thinking of the warm sun.

While we can’t enjoy the summer to its full potential, “Revolution” is the perfect substitute. Noah Lowman’s soulful and smooth vocals hit all the right notes as he sings, “For you, I’ll start a revolution.” All in all, “Revolution” is funky, soulful, and passionate, making it irresistible to dance with the feel-good soundscapes.

Listeners can look forward to more musical goodness from Suniel Fox and Henry Strange under their combined alias Epikker.

“As an artist, it’s very easy to pigeonhole yourself into a certain style. If this year has taught me something, it’s that anything goes … I think it’s important we stop along the way to be with our community and just have fun … And we had a lot of fun making this song!” – Suniel Fox

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