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FRQ NCY is at it again. After impressing us just under a month ago with the release of the heavyweight track, “Quickly,” he is back with a new style. With a stark change in moods between his latest two tracks, the Atlanta-based artist shows off his impressive versatility. “0 – X – 1” is one of his most complete works yet, and leaves us yearning for more.

On this latest release, FRQ NCY unleashes a new version of his artistic vision.

With a short run through his discography, you instantly discover that FRQ NCY has a knack for exploring different styles. Rather than pigeon-holing himself to a specific genre, he applies his unique sound design to multiple styles. On “0 – X – 1,” we hear him really put it all together to produce a unique work of art. The track takes no time to begin, kicking off with a smooth, melodic house beat. As it progresses, the tempo picks up into more of a catchy breakbeat style. From there, the tension ramps up and catapults us into a refreshing drop. The unique sound of FRQ NCY can be easily identified, but rather than the massive, heaviness of “Quickly,” we get a smooth, melodic sound to feast on. With a beautiful melody underlying crispy re-sampled synths, the track is nicely balanced to tingle our eardrums.

FRQ NCY 0 - X - 1

FRQ NCY wastes no time before surging into drop number two. He blasts us with a whirlwind of sounds, and sets us off for round two. While it is similar to the first, there are some subtle changes in sound and pattern that allow it to maintain its refreshing style. This slowly carries us towards an ending, as a chopped up vocal sample guides us to the conclusion.

“‘0 – X – 1’ is one of those songs I haven’t gotten tired of listening to. It’s a tug of war between feeling at home and being absent. A feeling that’s hard to put into words but alluring nonetheless.”


For the second time in a month, FRQ NCY delivered. It is another unique track, refreshing in a landscape where innovation is not always easy to come by. Blending multiple genres, while stay maintaining his signature sound, is what always pulls us towards him. With multiple releases under his belt about halfway through 2022, we can only imagine where the rest of the year will take us. Whatever it is, we’ll be looking to forward to it.

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