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PEEKABOO has been one of the standout bass artists of the year, and he continues to blow our minds with his newest project, the “Impossible EP,” dropping on Deadbeats. This mind shattering four-track EP is his second EP release of the year and is a completely unpredictable sound experience that defies genres.


Finally, Peekaboo announced the EP’s release date on December 5th after teasing the project on Instagram since October 24th. This followed the announcement of his debut headline tour in 2020, The Impossible Tour.

His style is a contrast of indescribably unique sound architecture and slightly familiar bass-influence; reminiscent of the innovative space lords that came before him, namely Liquid Stranger and Space Jesus.

The title track, “Impossible,” is a space-bass dream, starting off the EP with an energetic build up that keeps you on the edge of your seat. He hits the ground running on track one, leaving you in desperation to hear the remainder of the EP.

Second on the EP is “Nut Case,” a banger that combines head-knocking bass with otherworldly sounds. You won’t know what is coming next, but it’s always a sweet surprise with this track.

You can see Peekaboo’s evolution. Dark bass hits are balanced against tracks that sound as though they are unraveling in your ears.

Furthermore, “Rock the House” proves Peekaboo’s versatility yet again, blending house beats with uptempo builds. Later, he then completely flips the track on it’s head to deliver laser-like synths and layered sound design.

Finally, Peekaboo closes out the EP with “Smack,” an aptly titled track where he drops dark and heavy dub beats that you can headbang to.

This EP is some of my proudest work, been really eager to put these songs out for a LONG time, stoked for everyone to hear this.


Truly Impossible, this EP couldn’t be a better reflection of Peekaboo’s versatility and unique signature that continues to evolve over time.

Listen to the Impossible EP below!

See dates for the 2020 Impossible Tour and buy tickets here.



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