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Innovator, boundary-pusher, and game-changer Alexander Dennis, more commonly known as EPROM, has finally released the long-awaited LP, Syntheism. Being his first album in over a decade, Syntheism houses an eclectic mix of his signature and multi-faceted sound. From raw computer outputs and experimental techniques to breakbeat manipulation and complex rhythms, EPROM has once again left us completely stunned.

Syntheism is more than just an album.

EPROM continues a rich and complex alternate history in which the Akkadian Empire thrives unscathed by the drought. In this alternate timeline, we’re graced with a techno-utopian society. It has its own cultures, languages, and beliefs. And the name of each track is inspired by an organization that contributes to this world’s success.

The first track of the album, “A New Home, introduces a flurry of computer outputs and flourishes. “Motion Blur” then slides in and grounds us in EPROM’s otherworldly vision. The beat and base are cautious and curious — yet it clearly paints a picture of a breathtaking alien spectacle.

EPROM focuses on unveiling the beauty of technology.

“Untitled Emotional Acid” picks up the tempo, building energy with breakbeat influences and glitch-hop-like melodies. But we soon return to deep and brooding bass synths that captivate us in “What’s Her Name. After that, “X-Fade Strategy” is next on the track list, where we see more complex rhythms, massive bass waves, and a new mysterious storyline to follow.

“Remorse” makes its entrance with scratchy and striking vocals, manipulated almost to the point of unintelligibility. But we soon see the light in EPROM’s signature glitchy breakbeat sound, echoing bass tremors, and angelic vocalizations. It transitions effortlessly into “Fm VOC 83.35, where the glitchy and syncopated beats recalibrate our vision of EPROM’s world. This vision is soon made crystal clear in “Lose My Breath, one of EPROM’s bouncier tracks that plays in the negative space of deep, striking bass lines.

More than halfway through Syntheism, EPROM switches gears.

“The Circle” is a turning point, featuring echoing jungle beats and soulful harmonic vocals before unraveling into a chaotic yet controlled drum and bass masterpiece. Seriously, listen to this one. Similarly, “Rotoscope” captivates with bouncy and mind-melting synths and bass lines. Mimicking an ASMR-like quality, it echoes similar musical motifs found in the works of groundbreaking artists like Flume and G Jones. Effortlessly, we transition into “Tears of Light, a lullaby-like ballad that gradually grows until breaking down into a spacious spectacle of bass and staccato synths.

“Trunk Acid” lives up to its name, showcasing complex drum patterns and an eccentric synth melody. This is almost immediately juxtaposed by the penultimate song of the album, “Irisoft Livemixx. Its single-chord, almost 20-second introduction makes us hold our breath as we wait for it to break down into a vast, half-time chorus. Finally, “Solina” bids us farewell from the utopian society with a beautiful ballad of synth arpeggios.

Saying goodbye to the techno-utopia for now…

EPROM is a source of innovation, inspiration, and captivation. His trailblazing continues to transcend the boundaries of music and influences our collective culture in more ways than one. From fashion to technology and production, EPROM has influenced many and will continue as an established force in the industry. And Syntheism showcases this impact not only as an album but as a concept, story, and vision for our future.

Listen to Syntheism by EPROM here!

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