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Through the neverending battles of self-doubt and intrusive thoughts, the Australian producer Godlands unleashes a dynamic collection of tracks with her newest EP Bleach, released on June 16th through Monstercat. Godlands allows the audience to step into this vulnerable state of first-hand feeling the inner battles of fighting imposter syndrome. Through the empowering and heavy-hitting series of Godlands‘ tracks, anyone can fight through their struggles!

Godlands Bleach Cover Art

“The reason I named this EP ‘Bleach’ is because much like bleach stains your clothes and is impossible to remove, imposter syndrome works the same way. This EP is based around my battle with imposter syndrome and constantly comparing myself to my peers. As an artist, there is always a little devil on your shoulder telling you you’re just not good enough, but I think it’s really brave as a creative to keep pursuing and evolving through those internal battles.” 


We’re fighting through the stains of internal battles of life!

Godlands introduces us to the obscurities that emerge inside our minds when imposter syndrome begins to creep in. With a proper welcoming coming from our shadowy figure, we feel the immersing pressure it is pushing upon us during the track “u want me.The high intensity encompasses the anxieties and intrusive thoughts that crawl through our bodies. The mirage figure calls us to step closer into the gloominess as it craves us to collapse. Although Godlands stands firm and stares right into the eyes of the darkness, it’s felt through the chromatic clangs from the production and trap-infused melodies. She’s not going to be defeated without a proper fight.

While leading into “Charmer, Godlands gathers all the strength from within to blare out the fiercest cry that captures the lingering toxicity we’ve buried inside. We feel the raw energy amplify through the growling synths and heavy basslines throughout the eerie undertones. Godlands is giving us a chance to let it all out now and have no fear in the eyes staring at us. This becomes our “f*ck them, I’m doing this for me” era as we build our stamina.

This time, we are in full control and are ready to take on anything!

Now entirely in control of the environment, Godlands steps into center stage with her friend PLSMA to embrace our “INNER FYRE” as we take on this new role in our lives. The duo prepares us to capture the heat within our hearts and ignite something new in this world. With the upbeat DnB and breakbeat elements, we feel the sweat around our temples drip down. Without a doubt, we can’t help but begin to feel ourselves and groove along to the heatwaves around us. And before we know it, we settle into this crashing descent.

After conquering the darkest elements of our lives, Godlands gives us a moment to breathe and reflect on everything. Through “Crashing, we are given these hardwave elements that allow us to have a mellow collapse back into reality. She guides us softly into this new reality that nothing seems impossible anymore. And her final track of the EP “Alone” brings this new chirper and upbeat perspective on life. Although imposter syndrome is a neverending cloud that follows us, we will eventually get through these thoughts and feel brave again. Godlands ends Bleach with a simple reminder that “things are weird” and we aren’t going through this experience alone.

Godlands Press Photo

It’s time to keep your eyes on what Godlands is about to bring!

Nonetheless, Godlands continues to impress anyone that comes to watch her perform. Her fanbase will be able to witness her at Monstercat’s Compound FestivalLost Lands, and Das Energi Festival later this year. Her dynamic energy is about to be felt throughout the crowd as Godlands prepares to bring an unforgettable experience. Whether it be watching her perform her older classics or her now heavy-hitting Bleach live, she will not disappoint. Likewise, she surpasses all expectations with no sign of stopping. From experimenting with new sounds and crossing boundaries within her soundscapes, Godlands is a name to have on your radar!

Feel empowered with Godlands and her newest EP, Bleach, below!

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