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As euphoric synths form the framework for the vivid instrumentation of “Elephant Song,” the sonic realm of SunSquabi awaits. Existing at the crossroads of musical dimensions, SunSquabi limitlessly blends genres like hues in color theory, painting surreal vignettes in your mind. Coalescing elements of funk, jazz, electronic, jam, and more; this Colorado-based trio sensationally conveys the essence of their sound. 

The first single from SunSquabi since 2019, “Elephant Song” features Big Gigantic saxophonist and producer, Dominic Lalli. The song came to fruition as an improvisation during one of the band’s pandemic live streams, and its name holds symbolism as guitarist Kevin Donohue remarks:

“Elephants represent luck, good strength, and loyalty. ‘Elephant Song’ represents us sticking together and sharing the ability to write songs even though everything was shut down. It’s about realizing what you have and using your strength and the family around you, which is what Elephants do. It felt like it needed a lead voice, so it was natural to include Dom. Big Gigantic was a big influence for us to start SunSquabi. We’re integrating the electronic side of things into hip-hop, funk, and rock.”

– SunSquabi
SunSquabi Elephant Song

The soaring jam was performed live in person for the first time at Electric Forest 2022 with Lalli himself joining on stage to riff improvisations. A master of his craft, Lalli creates effervescent synergy with electrifying saxophone fills and solos woven into the recorded version.

Throughout its entirety, “Elephant Song” seamlessly flows through vast musical moments from energetic guitar solos to drum and bass style percussive breaks. As the technicalities of jazz merge with synth sounds and rock ‘n’ roll style guitars, SunSquabi forms interconnectedness within perceived genre constraints.

While offering a vessel back to the present moment, this exhilarating instrumental track evokes emotion reminiscent of experiencing the beautiful phenomena of life itself; like the sun peering through rain clouds – its glow illuminating the raindrops as they dance in the light. This sort of blissful awe is something SunSquabi exudes with their music, as they continue to create new sonic palettes.

Experience SunSquabi live this summer at Subterranea at The Caverns, Secret Dreams Music & Arts Festival, Elements Music & Arts Festival, Sacred Rose, Resonance Music & Arts Fest, and more!

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