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Exhilaration fills the air as Electric Forest 2022 rapidly approaches. After 3 years of pandemic-related hiatus, the 10th rendition of this legendary festival is finally happening! This festival is a truly magical event, and we’re so excited to be spellbound by all the wonders within.

Electric Forest 2022
Credit to Electric Forest (2019).

1) The Electric Forest community

Without a doubt, Electric Forest attracts a uniquely kind crowd. The Forest Fam emerges from the cocoons of their day-to-day lives and fully immerses themselves in this village in the woods. Treating each other like a kaleidoscope of butterflies, the Electric Forest community established a reputation for being majorly accepting, genuine, and understanding. After years of an endless onslaught of terrible global and local events, everyone breathes a sigh of relief at being able to escape into a world of unrelenting kindness.

Festivalgoers gather around the piano for an impromptu performance (2019).

2) Giving back and impacting thousands

Speaking of the community, the Electric Forest consistently makes efforts to give back to the local people and the world. For example, a portion of all their ticket sales goes to The Big Life Foundation, an organization that works on conservation strategies for East African wildlife. Keeping green in mind, their Electricology initiative enforces reusing and recycling as much as possible, as well as ensuring the Sherwood Forest stays as clean as it was found.

To give thanks to Rothbury and many other communities, Electric Forest runs a Music In Schools program that contributes thousands of dollars to the music departments in local communities. Furthermore, they team up with Conscious Alliance for a massive food drive held at the festival. Health-oriented products are donated to the Price Family Food Bank in Rothbury. This has yielded record amounts of food given to the local community!

3) Curation with the people in mind

With their final lineup announcement, Electric Forest also unveiled their 2022 stage curations. Louis The Child presents an absolutely lush collection of artists for Thursday. Then, on Friday, Bassrush plans to eviscerate speakers with an unbelievably heavy lineup. However, music isn’t the only thing the Electric Forest team curates for the event.

Electric Forest makes concentrated efforts to ensure peoples’ safety and feeling of inclusivity. The Her Forest program invites all those who identify as a woman to a group camp for women only. Allowing women to connect with each other in a safe environment unlocks a level of comfort that sincerely boosts the festival experience.

The legendary Chapel also hosts Chapel Parties for the People every day of the festival. People of similar backgrounds and appearances come together here and celebrate who they are. These events increase the reassurance that, yes, you belong here. And, yes, you deserve celebration; acceptance without judgment, without question.

Electric Forest 2022
Chapel Parties for the People at Electric Forest 2022.

4) Art all throughout the venue

There’s no escaping all of the different art scattered in Sherwood Forest. Beautiful archways and tall statues inspire awe in all festivalgoers. The buildings are decorated, painted, and lit up; they invite people inside to explore and meet someone new. All of these different expressions and visions add unique character to Electric Forest.

Electric Forest 2022
“Infinity Temple” by 2019 Art Installation Sponsorship winner, Stephen Rhoades

Each year, the Electric Forest team brings in new interactive art installations. As part of their Art Installation Sponsorship, artists create something special that gets displayed somewhere on the festival grounds. Also, so many attendees themselves dress up in elaborate, coordinated costumes, becoming art themselves that roams throughout the forest.

5) The lush, refreshed biodiversity

As much as we love being able to attend Electric Forest every year, it cannot be denied that thousands of dancing patrons can do a number on the local biodiversity. Although the community does an incredible job of caring for the forest, temporary damage is inevitable. However, the festival not happening since 2019 has allowed the woods to fully recover and thrive. What a treat it will be to celebrate music, community, and a beautiful forest.

Sherwood Forest
Credit to Electric Forest (2019).

Counting all of the incredible things about this festival is an impossible task. You can’t forget about the food, vendors, and the urge to wander, explore, and discover. Especially, scavenging the secrets hidden within the Hangar. But, we think that deserves its own guide. Renegade sets await after hours throughout the campground. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you’ll be captured in the endless enchantments of Electric Forest.

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