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The electric, LA-based duo RaeCola announce their debut with a fiery EP, Bezerk. After developing a love for house music at a young age, Rae and Nicole’s sound pays tribute to their Chicago roots with a stylish twist.

RaeCola Bezerk press photo
Rae (left) and Nicole (right), captured by: SIMMSCITY 

Morganne Davis, Electric Hawk: First, why don’t you two introduce yourselves?

Rae: Heyyy, what’s up! I’m Rae.

Nicole: And I’m Nicole!

Both: And together, we go by RaeCola!

Rae: We’re twins from Chicago, bringing it back to our hometown by producing and DJing house music but with our spin on it.

MD: What was it like growing up in Chicago, the heart of house music?

Rae: One thing that I realized was that house music was everywhere in Chicago. I felt blessed but didn’t recognize it until I moved outside of the city; Like, y’all don’t listen to house music like that?! Haha!

Nicole: I remember being in 2nd grade or so, hearing “Percolator” in the car while going to skate parties! Ghetto house was everywhere, and I definitely didn’t connect it until I got older. We just went back [home] for the Chosen Few Picnic, which was really cool to see! It was the Fourth of July weekend and all the OG house DJs were there!

Rae: I love Chosen Few Picnic! It’s one of my favorite events because it brings out an amazing spirit of Black house music.

MD: So, Bezerk is the beginning of original music from RaeCola, right?!

Both: Yes!

Rae: It’s been such a journey; I’m so excited!

MD: How does it feel to be taking the project even further?

Nicole: It’s really exciting to take this leap because we’ve been producing for a while, but didn’t feel quite ready to fully release. Now, we can play our songs out and I’m not so nervous! I’m feeling a lot more comfortable now.

Rae: It’s really cool to be able to express ourselves through crafting our unique sound and voice.

MD: Ahh, I’m so excited for you both!!

We’ve always lived our lives striving to push boundaries. From moving to LA on our own at 17 years old to later quitting our jobs to pursue a future in music, we’ve always followed our gut and dreams despite the risk… We thought ‘Bezerk’ was the perfect album title to set the bar for where we see our journey going.

– RaeCola

MD: This EP is fabulous, and I can’t stop listening! Additionally, I love the concept behind the title – being wild and passionate. Could either of you elaborate?

Rae: Yeah! We wanted something lighthearted and fun for the first songs that we put out. DJing and producing have allowed us to expand ourselves, and bring out our wild [sides]! I’m not even sure how we came up with the name.

Nicole: She said it one day, and I was like, “That’s catchy!”

MD: Hahaha, it definitely works!

Rae: After that, we were inspired to make the second song, “Juke That Zerk.”

Nicole: Footwork, juke, and ghetto house are what we grew up on, so making that remix just went hand in hand with the other one!

MD: What’s next for RaeCola now that Bezerk is finally released? What are some dream festivals you two would love to play? I know Dirtybird Campout is coming up soon, yay!

Nicole: Yesss!

Both: We’re SO excited!

Nicole: We both love Dirtybird events. That was a dream festival; I had it written down in my manifestations list, ayyye!

Rae: I think for both of us Tomorrowland has always been a dream as well!

MD: Have you guys heard of the Movement Festival in Detroit?

Nicole: Oh yeah, I would love to play Movement!

Rae: There are so many festivals, the list could go on!

MD: It’s been so fun chatting with you two! To sum up, what’s your advice for women working in the industry, especially women of color?

Rae: I would say, don’t be afraid to use your voice. And be yourself, no matter the situation! That’s something we always tell ourselves. If you feel uncomfortable in a room, just know that there’s power within you.

Nicole: It can be uncomfortable going into these white male-dominated rooms and having to take charge! Although, being consistent with it makes a difference. We both used to be super introverted, but DJing helped me get out of my shell and speak up!

Rae: Having faith in yourself is important, and it can take you a long way! Xoxo

The Bezerk EP includes two tracks with slapping baselines and enticing vocals that will take you for a ride!

RaeCola Bezerk EP cover art

RaeCola brings the energy with their first track, “Bezerk!The experimental rhythm assorted with wonky synths makes this an anthem for the summer. Sing along to the sassy vocals and get wild. “Juke That Zerk” pays homage to their Chicago roots, which is the juke/footwork genre. Rae and Nicole certainly put their twist on it by adding hypnotic drums to accompany the fast-paced beat. Bezerk sets the bar for what’s to come from this dynamic duo; Are you ready?!

From playing hip-hop to Reggae, RaeCola found their haven in house music. Both of their passionate spirits will move mountains in the industry; this is only the introduction. So, whether it’s the upcoming Dirtybird Campout Festival or a LA warehouse, Bezerk is coming to a dance floor near you!

Listen to the debut EP Bezerk by RaeCola below!

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