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The time is here as CARLIE is ready to plug in her debut EP, Heart Drive, released on July 29th through TXTR Records. The uprising artist connects us to the hardware into her emotions and personal experiences. While linking with some talented producers like Lobii, add pattern, Alkyn, and Sinnah as they all aid CARLIE to showcase a relatable journey we all can attach to. I hope you are ready to bond together as we take a look into the files of Heart Drive.

“This EP is the notebook of my personal journey through love, hate, and everything
in-between whilst being in a toxic relationship. I called it Heart Drive because I
used music and songwriting to deal with the thoughts and feelings I was having,
which meant it ended up being almost a step-by-step take on each different
stage I went through.”


Time to pull out the Heart Drive and see what is stored inside!

“Sticky Love”

Immediately, the sensational hit from CARLIE begins our journey into the “heart”-ware of her debut EP. “Sticky Love” stimulates that fizzy and carbonation feeling of that new kind of love that builds within you. As the bubbles build in the depths of your stomach, that infatuation sensation begins to blind your vision. But, just like your favorite soda, while it satisfies your needs, it isn’t necessarily the best for you. CARLIE encapsulates that flirty and luscious feeling with Lobii’s fluttering and glittering production. The duo showcase that rose-tinted glasses feeling of being optimistic when the reality just isn’t that.

“Highs and Lows”

While we have previously explored the file of “Highs and Lows” earlier this year, CARLIE shows us the hidden tab of Stage 2 of her journey between the difficulties of a toxic relationship. As we evaluate the situation, we always realize there are some “highs and lows” of relationships but then come to the reality that this is the right thing for you. You can replay all the good times and feel those emotions, but sometimes the lows are too big to ever forget.


Now we enter new territory for CARLIE as we glide into Stage 3. This time we are immediately welcomed with CARLIE’s soothing vocals, which bring us a sense of comfort. That constant feeling grows within as we look back and second guess if our decision was for the best. Through add pattern’s production, the iridescent metallic synths meshing with the dynamic lyrics from CARLIE create an energizing track. While we stand up, we build confidence in ourselves to recognize that we should no longer blame ourselves. CARLIE emphasizes the ability of trying to get the love we truly deserve instead of just allowing the toxicity to repeat continuously.


To conclude, the EP comes to the final stage with “Lemonade.” CARLIE perfectly halts the helpless feelings with this newfound confidence she has gained through her journey. Through the cinematic elements Sinnah builds for us, we can reminisce the different stages we’ve been through. Finally, able to stand and look at the toxins that filled our hearts and the coldness we felt and no longer accept. CARLIE is now watching the journey in third person, noticing and slowly building herself back up from the darkness. “Lemonade” is the refreshing track that regenerates that warm and shining spirit inside us. So naturally, CARLIE gives the audience a purpose to sit and sip on some lemonade as they reflect on how much they have grown to become the person they are striving to be.

Heart Drive EP Artwork

The remarkable start that closes into an even brighter future is about to happen!

After closing all the files and tabs, CARLIE showcases that she is ready to continue making that leap. CARLIE can dwell into the depths of her personal journey to help her audience grow and learn. While her year isn’t nearly over, CARLIE astonishes us with growth from the beginning of the year to now. Her name is glistening in the limelight through her sensational hit to the latest collaboration with Sasha Rome this summer. CARLIE is the household name that will become the breakthrough artist for the year with her diverse range. However, the charisma and magnetic energy CARLIE holds will remain to bring attention to one of this year’s artists to have your eyes on. Truly, we are excited to see what is next for the rising star, and we hope you continue to have her on your radar for the foreseeable future!

Load in and listen to CARLIE and her Heart Drive EP below!

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