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The team curates the sounds from the underground with a mix of songs from artists well under or around 1000 SoundCloud followers for Episode 22 of Electric Hawk Radio, hosted by Dariul. ⚡

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Lunchbox – Not Helix
Mlotik – Metamorphosis
William – Combat (Lunchbox Redo)
sømething – CØΛCH
Visive – Auditory Complex
Eitphel – Hand Slap
Houman – Databass
G Jones – Transform (MOLOKAI REMIX)
Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better (SLZRD Remix)
AFOREFFORT x Camnah – Liquid Leisure
Dopamine – Odyssey
Knyvez – Visions (Scharame Remix)
Cozmoe – Brand New Year
Sklohi – Mountain Stream
Galva – Osaka
Polkadot – Tremors
Bhad Bhabie – Hi Bich (ALL OVR Remix)
BRWN BEAR – Clairvoyant
Post Culture – Of The Boios
Unsaid – Love Me
Ivy Lab – Magikess (Hastur Flip)
Xenotype – (NAS) Life
Skull – Jewel
MVSKA – Gravedigger
Akira – Drive (VEER Remix)
SAGZ – Downtempura Shrimp (ft. MeSo)
Old Gregg x Camnah x MesO – Ramen
Mlotik – Gravity
Noizon – The Shukra
Dozier – Venandi
Skrillex – Make It Bun Dem (Eater Flip)
Rossy – s o r r y

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