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Ekonovah continues to convey his fresh sounding style to the world with his newest release on Dim Mak, “Wait A Minute“, a house tune, or respectfully “Ekotech” as the don himself has rightfully dubbed, that is as vibrant as it is addicting, feeling as if it’s pulling in the energy from the room around you directly into your ear.

Kicking in with a sweet and simple house groove, the track progressively elevates to a tenser atmosphere, bringing the listener up to a point of no return, and suddenly like the drop of a pin, the rhythm takes over. This is real fresh house music here, and real well done.

Photo by Troy Acevedo

The 21-year-old producer hailing from Phoenix, Arizona is set up for a busy few months ahead, with several more invigorating releases lined up and even an EDCLV performance on May 18th.

Leveling up release after release, venturing even further from his fluorescent flip of Porter Robinson’s Language that helped put him on the map, and even having received support from some well-known names such as Ekali, Porter Robinson, and Above & Beyond, it is impossible to deny the Ekotech pioneer is conjuring up a unique path of sound for himself. As fans in a ever changing world of music, consistency is key, and Ekonovah will keep on delivering just that.

Listen to “Ekonovah – Wait A Minute” below.


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