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Time to step into the hypnotic realm, joining Clarity as she releases her newest single “White Rabbit” on Tuesday, April 12th. Her latest take on mesmerizing the late night crowds, using her techno and tech house elements. Clarity unleashes a gravitational force with “White Rabbit” that will only bring you deeper into a different state of mind.

Clarity White Rabbit

Clarity shows us how to find the “White Rabbit”

Immediately, “White Rabbit” begins to dissolve and illuminate our surroundings. Clarity slowly guides down the electric wormhole in search of our inner rabbit. Then, she drops us off at our next destination, telling us to enjoy the festivities in this new dimension. While we gradually cruise across the dance floor, we feel the vibration of the kicks reverberate straight into our bones. And, feeling the temperature begin to elevate, we see the sonic booms hypnotize the crowd. Now fully immersed, Clarity frees our inner spirit while we travel through the spellbinding chorus. Now, with our bodies fully harmonizing to melodies and synths, “White Rabbit” truly brings us deep inside the rabbit hole. Nonetheless, Clarity brings out the amusement of losing our reality for a split moment.

“White Rabbit” becomes that intoxicating track stimulates your heart rate and ups the tempo of your everyday life. From the beginning, this hypnotic track unravels the inner psychedelic nightcrawler within you. Whether this track is for those late night cruises down the highway or arriving at the afters, “White Rabbit” will alter your reality. Slowly, your body will synchronize with the vibrations of the track. Clarity encapsulates the mesmerizing elements of warehouse, techno, and house to craft a hypnotic soundscape. By the end, you will be begging to be returned into the radiant environment “White Rabbit” has to offer. Nevertheless, Clarity shows us how we can find the “White Rabbit” in our lives.

Fall deep into the rabbit hole to find the “White Rabbit” below!

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