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You simply can’t expect Eazybaked, sfam, and G-Space to hop on a track together, and it not go in. This trio of masterminds have joined forces to create the most poppin’ song of 2020, “Bubblegum,” out now via Dome of Doom.

An ominous intro immediately lets listeners know they are about to be in a seriously sticky situation. The bouncy build-up leads into this ooey-gooey drop filled with tasty sounds, breaks, and basslines. Then at 1:17, the boys throw us right into a series of wubs that’ll have you calling 911 to report five madmen on the lose. “Bubblegum” will chew you up, spit you out, and have you coming back for more.

After listening to this track, a few things can be concluded. First, we need shows back ASAP because “Bubblegum” deserves to be thoroughly rinsed on a proper system. Second, and most importantly, we need more from this lethal collaboration of other-worldly producers.

Get a piece of “Bubblegum” below:

Also, please enjoy this wholesome video of G-Space doing a backflip to “Bubblegum” at Okeechobee this year.

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