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Not like we’ve been counting down the days or anything (it’s been 158) since the last time we heard from the boys of EAZYBAKED, but they are back. With their fiery new single “Baptize,” this beloved underground bass duo reminds us if you can’t handle the heat – stay out of the kitchen.

2021 The year of the Dogz

We don’t want to make any calls too soon, but it looks like 2021 might be the year of the Lost Dogz. With this release came the promise of lots of new music from this group. Eric and Andrew of EAZYBAKED kick things off and pave the way for a very bass boosted year ahead.

“Baptize” comes out unleashed and unruly, in a very typical EAZYBAKED fashion. Welcoming us into a sanctuary of sound with a pounding bass you feel from your head to your toes. Accompanied by an exemplary flow swaying you right along the drumlines, it takes less than a minute to be hooked. Now we don’t want to play favorites, but the second drop…might be our favorite part. Capitalizing on a one-of-a-kind drum technique that leaves listeners wondering if these boys are even human. “Baptize” left us jaws on the floor AND knees on the floor praying for more.

Stream “Baptize” below!

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