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It’s been four months since Eazybaked, G-Space & Sfam dropped their heavyweight collab, “Bubblegum.” The flavorful tune has been slapping our eardrums for a bit. Now, DOMEOFDOOM is giving us a fresh piece to chew on with the “Bubblegum” remix EP. This compilation features five different spins on the original track. Snuggles & Thew, kLL sMTH, Dirt Monkey, AHEE and HOVXNES all blessed us with their own vision.

How is it possible to remix a perfect song? These artists show us how in the “Bubblegum” Remix EP

Each of these five remixes has their own completely different vibe to it. The compilation starts off with the snuggles & Thew remix. A bass heavy, fast-paced tune that is sure to get a crowd moving. This is followed by a remix from kLL sMTH which, as usual, is a masterpiece. He put together a genre-defying remix that goes in all sorts of directions, coordinated perfectly to sound flawless. Expect this one to go off in front of some Funktions when shows return.

Dirt Monkey starts off the second half of the remix EP with a straight heater. You can hear the defining Dirt Monkey sound, with a psychedelic twist to make for an epic tune. Next is the AHEE remix. I love where this one goes, as AHEE takes the original song and creates a more mellow, chilled-out version. To close it out, HOVXNES gives us a heavy ripper that leaves us asking for more.

The original “Bubblegum” is nothing short of perfect. These remixes are right at that level. Massive ups to DOMEOFDOOM, Eazybaked, G-Space, Sfam and all of the artists that delivered these fantastic remixes.

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