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It’s been over a week since Subtronics’ cryptic emails stormed Twitter to reveal the launch of Cyclops Recordings. Shortly after, we were swept away with the announcement of a massive 20 track compilation titled Boot Camp. The compilation has been broken into 3 distinct subsets, following as High Knees HeadquartersPsychedelic Division, and Heavy Artillery.

2020 has been truly been Subtronics‘ year. Remember Now That’s What I Call Riddim Vol. 5? Yeah, that was this year. Anyways, it’s time to roll one, heat up the rig, grab some snacks, whatever you gotta do; you’re in for a ride with this one!

On the 346th day of 2020, Cyclops Recordings blessed us.

This massive 20 track compilation not only features many amazing artists, but also includes three tracks from Subtronics himself. “Tractor Beam,” “Scream Saver (VIP),” and the highly anticipated CHEE collab, “Point Breeze.” Each separate release brings its own unique vibe, so buckle up and dive in!

High Knee Headquarters

High Knee Headquarters was the first subset to be released from Boot Camp. This covered the first 6 tracks that were released, featuring Akeos, Syzy, Al Ross, phonon x MAD Dubz, Leotrix, and, of course, Subtronics with “Tractor Beams.” “Tractor Beams” shows us what Subtronics is made of – beep boop noises. Bringing us the hard-hitting dubstep he’s known for, this sets the tone for the rest of this subset. Mix 1 cup dubstep with 1 cup riddim and you’ve got yourself the recipe for High Knee Headquarters.

Psychedelic Division

On the second day of Boot Camp, Subtronics said, “let’s get fuckin’ weird.” Kicking this one off with the CHEE collab, “Point Breeze” foreshadows the forward-thinking bass music that Subtronics had previously talked about. The tracks within the subset are absolutely groundbreaking for bass music. Psychedelic Division includes a massive collab from EAZYBAKED x MOLOKAI x Saka, as well as tracks from smith., BLVNKSPVCE, and more!

Heavy Artillery

The last day of Boot Camp brings the Heavy Artillery training. This subset brings some of the heaviest tracks. How could it not when artists like Calcium, LEVEL UP, and Jiqui are on it? Subtronics wraps up the compilation with “Scream Saver (VIP),” which has me absolutely SHOOK. Mans single-handedly saved 2020 with that.

Boot Camp Tracklist

Subtronics – “Tractor Beam”
Akeos – “Makura”
Syzy – “Poison Muffins”
AI Ross – “Malfunktion”
phonon x MAD Dubz – “Wheel Up”
Leotrix – “Dissatisfied”
Chee x Subtronics – “Point Breeze”
EAZYBAKED x MOLOKAI x Saka – “Killjoy”
Abelation – “Killin’ Em”
Smith. – “Swing”
G-Space x Caveman – “On The Block”
BLVNKSPVCE – “Component 17”
Kill Feed – “Foolish”
Control Freak x Vanfleet – “Water Weight”
Calcium – “Deathwish”
Jiqui – “OTM”
Nosphere – “Gaussian Traveler”
LEVEL UP – “Satan Works Alone”
Subtronics – “Scream Saver VIP”

And if you fucked with Cyclops Recordings debut compilation Boot Camp, be sure to catch the Park ‘N Rave stream on Insomniac TV tonight!

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