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Dion Timmer and Calcium join forces with vocalist Celestic for a melodic and heavy track “Insane” that is certain to be mainstay at upcoming dubstep events. The self-released song is available across all platforms linked here.

Beginning with a melodic sequence overlaid with Celestic‘s heart-hitting vocals, “Insane” puts you right in your feels. However, this quickly shifts to a cathartic experience as the heavy drops are meant for headbanging. The sound design is excellent, despite the quick changes in emotion the track has an excellent flow. In conclusion, this song is perfect for resetting your mood from “bleh!” to “Yeah!”

Dion Timmer

Dion Timmer is a 20 year-old from The Netherlands and he has been producing for about ten years now. He is known for his unique style of combining rhythmic vocals with heavy dubstep drops, which he refers to as his “neon” vibe. Dubstep legend Excision mentored Dion for many years but it is clear that Dion Timmer has found his sound and is on his own path now.


Calcium aka “Mr. Teeth N’ Bones” became known across the dubstep scene in 2018 when he released his To The Bone EP on Bassweight Records. He has also dropped powerful tracks on the Never Say Die label and he recently had a collaboration with Peekaboo.


Celestic is a 23 year-old singer/photographer/artist based out of Seattle, WA. She has a single, “Demon Party,” coming out on April 14th.

Stream Dion Timmer & Calcium “Insane” feat. Celestic:

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Featured photo credit: Dion Timmer on Instagram

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