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Josh Thompson, AKA Laika Beats, has been bending bass music for years now. Naturally, he’s bound to make even more waves with his most recent EP, Soul Rebel Bass. Josh combines his signature, heavy-hitting freeform bass with a variety of beat-making and genres. This sheds light on the new goals the CO producer has for himself.

Soul Rebel Bass is a movement I’ve sparked within myself to continually reject the current trends and recycled sounds of contemporary electronic music.”

Laika Beats on Soul Rebel Bass via Instagram
Soul Rebel Bass

The Denver DJ released the 4 track EP January 17, along with a 30-minute mix. The mix includes this new project along with drum and bass, dance, and halftime tracks from artists such as NotLö and more!

The first track on the EP, “Soul Rebel Bass,” immediately invites the listener in with a combination of deep horns and a fun breakbeat. “Soul Rebel Bass” is a song both DnB and trap fans can appreciate, alike. With crisp drum cymbals and a deep layer of sound design, we’re nothing but hooked.

Similarly, “Liberation Dub (Dub)” has killer drum patterns while also integrating some of Laika Beats’ signature growls. This track features a high-tempo build into a wonky old school bass drop.

Following is “Fast Lane” which continues to keep the energy going. Elaborating on the old school vibe and diving deeper into his sound design, “Fast Lane” feels like an expanded-on expression of “Liberation Dub (Dub)”

To finalize the EP, “Outcasta” is a drum and bass tune that features somewhat haunting buildup, while also pushing the envelope for what sounds are typically integrated with the DnB genre.

Laika Beats keeps the bass rockin’ while genre-hopping with his undeniably dirty freeform bass sounds. His movement to reject recycled trends is a beautiful reflection of his music journey. This new project shows how Josh stays true to himself while simultaneously bending the ‘norms’ and exploring the world of bass.

Listen to it here:

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