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Marking the third and final installment of their three-part series, Ivy Lab continues to impress with their new EP, Blonde. Quoting it as the “grumpier, grey-weather cousin” of Fidget and Teacup, the strong suited London duo slow down the tempo and crank up the moodiness.

Setting the ambiance from the jump, “Husk” introduces the EP with a brooding bassline, later incorporating tension-building drums into a euphoric climax of vocal samples.

In a Reddit AMA earlier this week, Ivy Lab described their hunt for vocal samples as “unusual verbiage and sonic quality,” carrying on to add, “think less stock sample pack and more dodgy 70’s Sci-Fi B-movie or obscure YouTube vlog rant.” Considering the vocal samples the tasteful seasoning to the body of the song, we see this exemplified throughout the masterful crafting of the full EP.

Q.Nix” greets listeners with the tantalizing notes of a piano. But, in a typical Ivy Lab fashion, sweeps you off your feet not long after with a rich, textured quality. Following a beautiful outro, it leads directly into a very rhythmic beat in “Start the Clock,” only briefly pausing for a sporadic cluster of glitches. Then, “Gopher,” which is dominated by a throbbing bass and distinctive chant.

The title track of the EP, “Blonde,” brings the project to a finish with what could be closely described as the fairytale ending to your favorite book.

A twinge of familiarity compared to the scent between the covers or dog eared pages, the alluring melody lingers in the air like the leftover haze of smoke and engulfs you in its warmth. Overlain with dragged-out arpeggios and glittery synths, “Blonde” may just be the standout track of the EP.

Between the 3 separate releases, it’s safe to say with confidence that Ivy Lab is uncompromising and headstrong in the direction they continue to take their sound in. Fidget, Teacup, and Blonde each demonstrate their dedication to artistic ingenuity in the perfect evocatively wrapped package. And speaking of package, it sounds like we may be expecting a pressing of the EPs soon.

Listen to Blonde by Ivy Lab below:

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