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Let’s be clear here, we heard of OAKK and never looked back. A relentless force in bass music, we recommend grabbing your highest quality sound system for this listen. Let that be pair of trusty headphones or putting it to the car test, it deserves a dedicated showcase as he distorts sound in his new EP, WAARP.

Before going any further, it must be said that OAKK has made the best out of the given circumstances in many instances. Relocating from his hometown Calgary across the globe to Madrid, he’s also evened the playing field with an abundance of releases. With a second EP, remixes and bootlegs, as well as mixes galore under his belt just from this year alone, he consistently delivers breaking edge music.

In his most recent offering of WAARP, he covers all the bases of classic 140, halftime, and trap. From “Yeah Yeah Yeah” that will get your hips moving, to the low-end “Bao Beat” and “Salt Crust,” OAKK refuses to go unnoticed.

Listen to WAARP by OAKK at this time:

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