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There’s an all too familiar emotion that we’ve all experienced: feeling not good enough in a relationship. Cofresi and Megan Hamilton express this in their heart-wrenching collab called “Patience.”

Cofresi and Megan Hamilton gave the song a premiere while they were on tour this past fall. Whoever got a sneak peek of this track must’ve been waiting for the drop, because I sure as hell know I would’ve been.

As soon as I got the vocals back from Megan for this track, I knew we had a special collaboration on our hands because her execution and style are unique and both lend themselves to the instrumental and surrounding
production. Can’t wait to release this tune and share it with our fans.


If you don’t know this name yet, Cofresi is known for his soulful remixes of old school songs. He somehow reinvents them into something completely modern and danceable.

The Chicago producer was on our must-see list for Gem & Jam. And we can say with complete confidence that we weren’t wrong! His mixing skills are undeniable and he didn’t fall short with “Patience.”

Multi-talented Megan Hamilton is someone else you should be watching out for. She’s a producer who makes groovy, funky tunes with hip-hop roots, and in “Patience” she wrote the lyrics and performed the vocals.

Together, they truly create magic

Being in a relationship requires love, effort, and most of all, patience. It takes hard work and can become frustrating and difficult. There are times we feel defeated and depleted, and “Patience” perfectly depicts that.

Megan Hamilton’s vocals over Cofresi’s melancholic and powerful bass tell a story that everyone can relate to. The palpitating synths and potent percussion help evoke the emotions of the ups and downs in a relationship.

Listen to Cofresi and Megan Hamilton “Patience” now

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