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Sometimes all we are searching for is that simple escape away from the tensions and it looks like Sasha Rome and CARLIE have the cure with their newest single together “Release” out for everyone to heal together on July 6th through Jadū Dala. “Release” is the first single from Sasha Rome’s debut EP Criminal coming out later this month. The sun continues to shine on this dynamic duo as they return for their second track together since Ocean Eyes last summer. This time, Sasha Rome and CARLIE stop us for a moment to reflect and just “Release” the hostility we continuously keep ourselves in from the pressures of life. Now, is our chance to take a breath and exhale those worries out into the world together.

Sasha Rome CARLIE Release
Left: Sasha Rome, Photo Credit: @youraurelia | Right: CARLIE

“’Release’ is the most disco track on the album. I was heavily inspired by current names like SG Lewis and Breakbot, but also blended it with my psychedelic futuristic breakdowns. I love to blend funky bass and drum heavy drops with atmospheric psychedelic breakdowns. I love making synth basslines, but I find my funkiest basslines usually come from my bass guitar because it feels most natural and fun to me. I can’t get into a flow state and groove for hours until I find the perfect bassline. CARLIE’s vocals glide effortlessly over the instrumental and her chorus vocals really give the track the energy it needs. I also love the concept she came up with for the lyrics; in the verses she describes the pressure we all feel of growing up and needing to make something of ourselves. In the chorus she “releases” this tension and the instrumental similarly releases all its energy, symbolizing going with the flow and giving up this pressure of expectations.”

Sasha Rome

Remind yourself to “Release” those intrusive thoughts!

Immediately, we step a float into the airy atmosphere that Sasha Rome constructed. While also feeling our breath escaping us as we are welcomed by the sublime vocals from CARLIE. Slowly, drifting through the suave enchanting basslines, the tips of our fingers begin to feel the electricity around us. Now sensing the blue aura seep out the toxicity that lingers in our hearts. Until we hit the climax of the track, feeling the intensity build up inside until it can’t any longer. The hypnotic underlines of “Release” gives us the relief we need to liberate ourselves away from the pressures of our crashing worlds. Through the groovy bass guitars, chromatic melodies, and captivating vocals, “Release” finally allows us to enjoy the ride that is life.


“Lyrically for me, “Release” is about being a kid and having so many hopes, dreams, and plans for everything you want to achieve. Then, as you grow up, there’s a lot more pressure and you realize that you may not be able to make all of those things happen. This song is a reminder to myself to chill a little bit and just get used to making mistakes again. I think the moral of this song is as long as you’re trying you’re best you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. 🌸”


Nevertheless, the duo unleashes a blast of endorphins throughout the body with their latest single together. “Release” becomes the elixir that our emotions are craving as we feel the kinetic energy vibration through our veins. Naturally, Sasha Rome and CARLIE remind us that we don’t need to have to carry the whole world on our shoulders. In fact, it is totally okay, to let go and just be in this universe. “I figured out; That time was all we had so why not, make mistakes,” chilling words that could resonate with anyone as we slowly grow into adulthood. This track reveals the inner truths of our spirit and allows us to revive ourselves. “Release” grows to be the escape we need from all the outside tension. In the end, Sasha Rome and CARLIE deliver us a tranquil single to fall back on infinitely.

There is a lot more to unleash from both Sasha Rome and CARLIE.

Furthermore, this is just the beginning for the talented Sasha Rome as he preps the journey for his debut EP. As he continues the sparkle in the New York scene, Sasha Rome brings something savory into the scene. From the massive remixes he has done for QRTR, Mazde, and GEOTHEORY – he continues to leave his disco charm in many ways. This time ready to glimmer the world with his upcoming EP, which we truly can’t wait to have in rotation all summer long.

Nonetheless, the remarkable CARLIE returns without missing a mark on her recent collaboration. The sensational artist pierces through the heartstrings with her celestial vocals and lyricism. From her contagious single “Sticky Love” and euphoric singles “Highs and Lows” and “One of a Kind”, the brilliant artistry continues to dazzle anyone. CARLIE’s magnetic energy is hard to resist from the get-go and there is no way out of her spell. And before you forget, make a note of one of 2022’s one-of-a-kind talents that progresses to surpass our expectations. Don’t miss out on Sasha Rome and CARLIE and what they have to stun the world with very soon!

Catch and “Release” those emotions with Sasha Rome and CARLIE below!

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