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After a massive ending in 2021, CARLIE returns with her latest single “Highs and Lows” with Alkyn released February 25th through TXTR Records. From her hit single “Sticky Love” CARLIE continues to deliver another heavily emotional and catchy track. A captivating single to start off the 2022 year that will help us all get through the “Highs and Lows.”

CARLIE Alkyn Highs and Lows
Left: CARLIE, Photo Credit: @itssockittome | Right: Alkyn

No need to go through the “Highs and Lows” alone with CARLIE and Alkyn.

Immediately, we are brought into this cinematic setting that is surrounded by luscious guitar riffs and airy, whimsical whispers in the background. The duo transports us to the lonely road in our lives. As we watch the cars flash by us, we are graced with CARLIE’s signature voice. Carefully escorting us to the ethereal drop from Alkyn. The energetic, sparkling, and strong synths ascend us to a different world. Now, swaying along to the elegance and divine melodies while are singing along with CARLIE, “it was all about the highs and lows.” And before we know it, it ends only leaving us craving more from the duo.

The track becomes this mantra that allows us to understand that we aren’t alone when experiencing the intense highs and deepest lows in our lives. The duo reveals a beacon to us that there is a light out there for us to reach. “Highs and Lows” will become the track you listen to while alone driving through the highway, windows down, the air pushing your hair back; you will be screaming every word into the universe. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a new addicting track for your everyday playlist, this is one to add.

CARLIE Alkyn Highs and Lows

A duo that we should be aware of in the future!

After a massive hit from “Sticky Love” garnering attention from multiple outlets like BBC, Trap City, Triple J, and more, along with being playlisted in Spotify’s Creamy editorial, the highs are already escalating for CARLIE. From the signature vocals and one-of-a-kind style, CARLIE brings something new into the scene that we are all craving. Again and again, catching us under her charm, CARLIE continues to rise to elite status. Before you know it, the upcoming artist will be all over and you don’t want to miss out on her growth.

Then comes the bright Dutch sensation Alkyn, that already has harvested the attention from Bitbird. From the fascinating and addicting production within “Highs and Lows” to other works in his discography, his talent is just escalating. Similar to his duo mate, Alkyn’s name will reach the horizons, and now is the time to invest in his upcoming.

Join in on the “Highs and Lows” with us below!

Also stream it on your favorite platform below!

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