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Ahh trap music, makes you want to wave your arms in the air like you just do not care. bd hbt and Snuffy do the trap music very well. “Sunk” is a mix of experimental bass and trap music, and they both blend the sounds of this song very very very well. I would recommend first playing this song over your car subwoofer because this bass will create a sinkhole around your car thus accessing the official Electric Hawk cave where I am typing this article right now.

Alright, it’s time to stretch out those trap arms. 

To start “Sunk,” we get major hip hop type beat vibes and a whole lotta 808 to make that boy beefy. After a drum filled intro, we get a cool glitchy riser to introduce the banger of a drop. In the first climax of the song, we get that delicious experimental bass with low-frequency wubs and dubs. But the second climax has me face planting into a pile of hawk feathers. You get that snappy trappy sound while maintaining the wook lifestyle choices of the song. And now I have fully sunk into my couch just vibing to this song.

Everyone loves trap music. There’s no doubt that trap music has been a universal genre in hip hop, EDM, or whatever you listen to. bd hbt’s sound is very unique and he shows off that sound in songs like “Stop It” and “Iron Giant.” And Snuffy is no different, making some beauties like “Slide” and “Lil Bit.” The boys even made a sick song before “Sunk” called “Asparagoose.” Okay, now I am going to listen to those songs and eat my hot dog sandwich.

Listen to “Sunk” by bd hbt and Snuffy below!

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