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Happy Pride Month to all of our gays, theys, and everything in between! We kicked off the celebration of all our friends in the LGBTQIA+ community with an interview with Muzzy Bear. We chatted about In Unity and his experiences as a gay artist in the electronic scene. The words that he had to say were so heart-warming, and we are so happy he wanted to share in our Pride celebration.

It seems we are keeping the ball rolling with the uplifting characters because we have Wreckno taking over our Instagram this week! Wednesday, June 9th, show up to our Instagram account to watch Wreckno and his adorable face chat it up live and in color.

Wreckno Max Deshevsky Electric Hawk
Image courtesy of Max Dashevsky

We are excited for our Wreckno IG Takeover, join us in asking questions about his new Pride month EP, and the donations he is raising for the Trans Justice Funding Project with his events this month. We have so much more planned to celebrate this Pride Month and the LGBTQIA+ artists in our community. Stay tuned and stay queer!

See you live for the Wreckno IG Takeover! Happy Pride Month!

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Looking for new music? Keep up with our weekly Spotify Playlist, Fresh Hunts. Updated every Friday with all the latest releases. Whether it’s the newest drops from Wreckno, as well as all your favorite artists. Some old-school, or underground – we just want you to hear it.

June is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month! EDM began with the LGBTQIA+ community, and it remains a space to be fully yourself – safely and without judgment. Not only is this a time to celebrate the full spectrums of gender and sexuality, but also a reminder of the continued fight for gay and trans rights. Learn how to support trans rights here. Also, support several causes for the LGBTQIA+ community here.

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