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Global Dance Festival Denver boasts a lineup that your mainstream friends and your underground “How have you never heard of ____” friends can fist bump over.

2 years ago on a sunny Saturday afternoon, a monsoon of biblical proportions converged on Empower Field and the thousands of Diplo fans in attendance.

This fateful day was slated to make history. The king of Sad Shit, Illenium, and the king of robotic felines, Excision, agreed to a b2b. Mother Nature deemed this duo to be too powerful, and rained down upon the festival-goers, forcing them to shelter inside the Denver Broncos stadium. Trauma is nice to work through, right? RIGHT?

Global Dance has been giving Denver teenagers a chance to see beep boops close to home for a while now; so why not come into the 2021 reemerging festival scene like a wrecking ball? After all, it really is just a Party in The USA with a lineup like this. 

Global Dance Festival

Main-stage feels via Kaskade and Tiësto with a little (lot) bit of house tossed in? Check. Need some dubstep to tear your hair out to? Funtcase b2b Doctor P may have some words for you. Creative, high-energy bass music blasting from Dion Timmer’s set? Check. Aggressive dubstep to legally change your name to Kyle to and headbutt a couple of holes in your wall when you get home? Excision, Sullivan King and Zomboy collectively say, “Check”. Traveled all this way for Moombahton and ass shakin’? Do not fret. Claude Vonstroke, 4B, and Carnage will be in town for you to twerk.

Not to mention some of the hottest rising underground bass acts like Of The Trees, Mersiv, Smoakland, Yheti, Tsuruda (are we in Wyoming again?), Player Dave, and more will be in attendance.

Global Dance Festival will be kicking into gear on July 23rd & 24th to bring you some of dance music’s hottest acts, and showcase some newer artists that you absolutely can’t miss.

Can the madness that occurred 2 years ago be forgotten? Will you finally ask Ashley decked out in iHeartRaves attire for her number? Just how many animals is Zookëper bringing? If Zhu went b2b, would it be called Zhukëper? There are so many aspirations we have for Global Dance Festival, we just hope there are minimal “Nature is Healing” Instagram captions. 

Also, we just hope to see you all there.

Tickets for the 2021 edition of Global Dance Festival are on sale July 7th at 12 pm MDT.

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