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As the nights get longer, FRQ NCY shines through the darkness with his Gems EP. Released on October 12, this five-track body of work unveils new characteristics to his production. With Gems, FRQ NCY blends his talents for glitch and composition with a fresh melodic sound.

Portrait of FRQ NCY, shot by MegZilla Photography.

Since the return of shows and festivals, FRQ NCY boasted some impressive slots. After kicking off festival season with The Untz, he went on to directly support tiedye ky and Conrank. Moreover, FRQ NCY performed alongside Wreckno in his hometown of Atlanta. Not only that, but he headlined during the Electric Hawk takeover of the legendary Denver venue, the Black Box. All throughout these shows, FRQ NCY shared deep bass music in tandem with euphoric sounds. With Gems, FRQ NCY fully embraces this uplifting style.

The shining Gems EP illuminates the darkness.

Since the “Appearances” single dropped on September 30, FRQ NCY turned heads with his latest sound. The rising sunshine soundscape of “Appearances” caught the attention of FUXWITHIT, earning a premiere on the website. Following that, “Always the Time” became the second single from Gems, releasing on October 7; a gently sparkling track, ThisSongIsSick premiered “Always The Time,” further capturing the attention of FRQ NCY fans old and new.

With the release of the entire EP, fans now feel the addicting energy of the opening song, “Gems.” Setting the tone for the EP, “Gems” glistens like light reflecting off a polished diamond. “In Your Reality” lands as the third track on this EP. FRQ NCY creates an inspirational mood in this song, washing away stress and emulating sunlight reflecting off the sapphire blue ocean water. Closing out Gems is “Noon,” a track with a bit more patience than the rest of the EP. Although mellow in its presentation, “Noon” still hosting the beautiful melodies and hopeful sounds decorating the rest of the Gems EP. This track closes out this body of work whispering “Good night” into the listener’s ears; into the listener’s heart.

It’s the first and only release where the music has grown with me as an artist while I was creating it. The verge of releasing it feels like having a friend that no one else knew, and now other people get to meet them for the first time, and that’s an exciting feeling.

– FRQ NCY on producing Gems

FRQ NCY displays a futuristically floral facet of himself in the melodic Gems EP. The strong emotions this body of work invokes are enhanced with a stunning visual mix by Veggie Tempura. Pleasantly surprising old fans and attracting new ones, FRQ NCY uses Gems to invite listeners to release their worries, to bask in the warm sunshine, to see the beauty around them, even for just a moment.

Hear the new side to FRQ NCY – listen to Gems below!

Cover art for Gems designed by emurse.

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