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On May 28th, Zebbler Encanti Experience released their latest audio/visual project titled Syncorswim. As the world began to shift in March 2020, the forceful duo cut their tour short and found shelter with their loved ones. Even though Zebbler and Encanti found themselves miles apart, their artistry met one another through motion in silence. This album becomes another sensational triumph to the ZEE discography. Out everywhere via Gravitas Recordings, Syncorswim is an intimate testimony towards the global encounter of death, isolation, resilience, and love.

Every moment captured on Syncorswim is an organic account to ZEE’s experience throughout the pandemic.

Zebbler’s visual parallelism of Encanti’s unique audio production is euphoric in every way possible. The audio and visual components of this masterpiece represent a collection of survival and love. Encanti explored the Scottish borders with his girlfriend Catherine. Meanwhile, Zebbler traveled through the United States recording his travels along the way. Zebbler went on to propose to his girlfriend Leah under the world’s tallest tree deep in the redwood forests of California. Leah said yes to the love of her life.

Syncorswim has the ability to bring out your inner interpretive dancer on your next hike in nature.

Scratch that, probably in the shower and bedroom too. Consisting of 9-tracks, Syncorswim sends the soul through a prolonged trek leading listeners towards a meditative kingdom. This 38-minute adventure blends ambient-downtempo and harmonic soundscapes. Iconic illustrations are formed between Encanti’s blueprint of sound and Zebbler’s visual counterparts. Next time you’re in serious need to decompress, bring out the noise-canceling headphones and listen to this one at full volume. Your heart space will be met with thunderous tranquility.

As festival season makes a way back, keep your eyes peeled for Zebbler Encanti Experience.

There hasn’t been word on a ZEE tour in the near future. You can catch them at Infrasound Family Reunion this upcoming weekend. We can only pray that the set will consist of a live premiere of Syncorswim. If you’re in attendance this coming weekend or see ZEE on a bill to come, this is the chased set you do not want to miss. Blending cacophonous sound and psychedelic audio design, Zebbler and Encanti, together, are an absolute force ahead of their time.

If you’re planning a trip to Mars in the near future, it’s imperative Syncorswim lands in the queue.

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