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Ain’t no party like a Wreckno party, and ain’t no visuals like Databyte visuals. How could it possibly get better? Allow the ‘Papa Skwat‘ mix to show you.

Our good friends Wreckno and Databyte have merged forces to deliver a unique blend of their creativity, with Wreckno providing a journey through his favorite bussin’ sounds, while Databyte paints a vibrant picture of this sonic journey for us through an immersive live visual mix.

Ladies and Gentledicks, I present you with the very first PAPA SKWAT mini-mix, made specifically for my friend DATA_BYTE’s visual project. This is a bunch of music I’ve been playing in Summer/Fall 2019, and I’m so happy to finally share it with you guys. Bop your bussies for me ONE TIME!

– Wreckno

Wreckno has without a doubt had one of the most stellar come ups of 2019. With a keen ear to deliver a one-of-a-kind live experience and dropping slamming mixes such as his guest feature on Electric Hawk Radio, he’s headlining tons of shows with his rise and even having his track UHNKNO with UHNK get a special edit from the man himself, Bassnectar, which you can conveniently find in this Papa Skwat mix.

DataByte has also established himself as a prominent figure in the visual game, from curating the visuals for Liquid Stranger to getting his work played out at the iconic Basscenter by Bassnectar.

Big thank you to all the collaborator and animators for letting me use their content in this Mix: FRACTALFUCKER, Liquid Light Lab, Ginger Wesson, ESB.Studio, StopDotCom.

– Ash (Databyte)

Watch the DATA_BYTE x WRECKNO Visual Mix below.


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