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I have one word for you: Kaivon. If you haven’t already heard of this rising producer, do yourself a favor and check him out — you can thank us later. Keeping his head down and steadily working hard in the studio and at multiple festival appearances, he’s already made some huge releases this year including a melodic future bass single, “I Love You.” and a remix of Alison Wonderland‘s “Peace.” Now we get to hear his first three track EP, “Transformation,” through Deadbeats that truly highlights his own self-transformation and growth as an artist and as a person.


“Transformation symbolizes a change in my life and showing courage to make a change and showing you all a new side of me in hopes that you will get the courage to transform your life or take that leap into something that scares you.”


The EP starts off with a futuristic atmosphere lingering in the air in “Invasion.” A robot-like vocal loop heeds a warning to listeners, but nothing could prepare you for what’s to come. One listen to this track and it’s obvious that Kaivon was not messing around.

He closes the monumental EP with “Light.” We noticed the contrasting titles between “Light” and “Darkness” also represent the underlying tone of the songs. While “Darkness” was bass heavy, “Light” goes back to Kaivon’s roots. This song is the perfect reminder of why a beautiful build-up is just as important as the drop. It’s breathtaking and shows just how diverse Kaivon’s music has the ability to be.

Overall, this experimental EP strays away from Kaivon’s previous style and embodies the exact theme of rebirth he was going for. If his presence in the scene wasn’t established already, it definitely will be now.

He will be embarking on his first headline tour this fall with support from Wakaan artist Inzo. We’re loving this pair up and can’t wait to see what surprises are in store for this. Tickets available at with tour dates listed below. Don’t panic if you don’t see your city quite yet, there’s more to be announced!

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