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Nikademis gifts us with a remix to Big Gigantic’s “Where I Wanna Be.” Let’s just say – it’s a pure BANGER. He has done nothing but blow our minds away with every project he releases and we love him so much for that.

Big Gigantic’s “Where I Wanna Be” is already such a masterpiece. It is a groovy, airy, and funky track that has kept us on our feet here at HQ. Every main dish deserves some spice, which is where Nikademis barges in.

Known for his aggressive style, Nikademis takes this outstanding piece of art and gives it a 180 transformation. He adds on a groovy and dark texture that is bound to drop your jaw.

Due to quarantine, Nikademis has been putting in big-time work while in the studio. From various combinations of vocals and his dashing midtempo style – there is no telling what else he is up to.

The sooner festival season comes back, the better. Just imagine yourself in a crowd of thousands, a nice sunset set, and this remix coming through the speakers so loud that you can feel the bass in your heart.

Stream “Where I Wanna Be” down below and let us know what you think!

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