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Stepping out of his comfort zone and absolutely crushing it, Voliik spoiled us with his newest single, “Help Me.” Taking time for himself, this is the first release from Voliik since last September. The buttery and soothing tones of “Help Me” made the wait well worth it.

Voliik had to put his project on hold last year in September due to personal reasons and him getting COVID. “Help Me” began to come together while he was in quarantine, once healthy again he was ready to find the perfect finishing touches for this track. Calling on thend. to come lay some vocals on top was an absolute power move. The perfect compliment to the trance-like soundscapes Voliik had already formed, thend. stepped in and did 👏 his 👏 thing 👏 with the vocals. Another good friend of his, NRZ, was also brought on to assist with production and bring in a fresh prespective. With all these massive brains working together it’s no surprise “Help Me” turned out as good as it did.

To work on something completely different from my past releases, was a breath of fresh air for me, as I don’t want to stagnate and keep developing my sound, so I’m grateful I got to that by involving two of my best friends.


My first time listening to “Help Me” almost gave me whiplash, parts of me wanted to cry, other parts of me wanted to dance around my house. Voliik perfectly marries an array of emotions on this track, leaving room for listeners to interpret it however they choose. “Help Me” is the type of song you can play anytime, anywhere, and it’ll somehow match the vibe. With that being said, we’re going to have “Help Me” on repeat for a while. Welcome back Voliik.

Stream “Help Me” below!

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