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It’s Wednesday meaning happy Hump Day! What a great day to jam out to some new music, especially Voliik and his explosive remix of Madeon’sIcarus.”

Madeon holds a dear place in all of our hearts, and to know that Voliik has taken a marvelous track and added his unique sound to it makes it 10x better. “Icarus” is one of the many beautiful tracks off Madeon’s Adventure album – which has become the soundtrack to a lot of fan’s lives. 

voliik icarus
“Icarus” cover art

Voliik takes “Icarus” and slaps on his disgustingly unique technique. This is why we love Voliik here at HQ. He knows how to take something already so great and twist it and give it more of a driving force which we can feel through our bodies.  

Like the rest of us, Voliik holds “Icarus” close to his heart. While struggling with his mental health, he was able to escape into the world of music. Listening mostly to Daft Punk, he stumbled across Madeon and the rest is history. 

Stream Voliik’s “Icarus” flip down below and let us know what you think!

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