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If you’re anything like us, you’ve noticed the incredible amount of quality live stream content flooding the interwebz the past two months. From Digital Mirage, to Beatport ReConnect, and even our very own Harmony Fest this weekend – artists and creators have filled our socials with amazing content.

This year has been filled with festival, tour, and other music industry cancellations, with no firm end in sight. But there is some comfort and A LOT of praise to be given for the fast and strong response from our industry.

Live Stream Madness

But how in the hell do you keep up with it all you ask?

Well lucky you. We’ve been watching with a hawks eye. And we’re here to give you some of our favorite sets so far.

Below you’ll find a little taste of everything. We don’t discriminate here and neither should you, because there is a stupid amount of talent below and it all deserves to be appreciated. Get your best pair of headphones, post up on the couch, and get ready for your nights entertainment.

And be sure to check back every Friday for more recs. There’s a lot more to cover than we can in just one article.

Live Stream Picks

Check out our live-stream picks and make sure to check in every week as we share more of our favorite streams.

(in alphabetical order)

Chet Porter

Ohhh Chet. What would we do without your sunny* disposition?

On Sunday, April 5th, Chet gave us a feel-good live stream for the books. Full of throwback mixes of songs like MGMT‘s “Kids” and “Young Blood” by The Naked & Famous; his set is the ultimate nostalgia shot and we’re here for it.

His set up felt like authentic Chet too, using an LCD screen to display messages for the audience about coffee, awkward dancing, and other fun stuff.



So when we heard Disclosure was going to live stream, we had to tune in. And while Howard wasn’t able to join in (damn corona), Guy still held it down and rocked out with those smooth deep house vibes that Disclosure does so well.

Boy oh boy did those Ecstasy edits have us feeling some type of way.

Four Tet

Fresh off of his latest album release, Sixteen Oceans, Four Tet streamed from true isolation. No really…like…the stream starts in the middle of the woods.

It was hard enough to catch one of his legendary Squidsoup sets even before all of the quarantining started. So it makes sense that Kieran would lead by example in todays social distancing era.

But all teasing aside, his Streaming From Isolation live stream was a fantastically experimental house extravaganza. A highlight was his 10+ minute Caribou mix…yes you read that right…10+ minutes of Caribou/Four Tet magic.

What. A. Treat.

G Jones

G Jones put together one of the best live streams we’ve seen so far. But are you surprised? We’re not.

It feel’s like Greg’s talent is infinite. And with new visuals and multiple track ID’s throughout this live stream, the talent well doesn’t seem to be drying up anytime soon.


Honestly I couldn’t decide which live stream to link here. GRiZ is an absolute mad man and has done, what…3-4 sets already?

GRiZ is God and I won’t be convinced otherwise.

Anyways, his first Acid Mix below is ultimate groovy vibes if you’re looking to just relax and ride the wave to some awesome tunes. If you want something that’s a faster pace, check out either of the two mixes linked below:

Acid Mix II | Beatport Live

Ivy Lab

Ivy Lab is normally best consumed with a heavy dose of subs and head-rattling beats. But you should expect something a little different here.

There’s still plenty of cake so don’t worry bass-heads. But this downtempo live stream is best experienced with your phone down and headphones on.

In conjunction with Twenty Twenty Global, Ivy Lab crafted a super unique set with this one. Full of mind-altering visuals, experimental bass, and interpretive dancing this one’s worth your undivided attention.

Nora En Pure

Ummm…so who would’ve thought a house remix of “In The Air Tonight” would sound so good? Not me. But it does.

Nora kicked her live stream off in style with her take on the classic Phil Collins track. And from there on out, it was nothing but melodic ambient house vibes.

If you dig house, this one is a must watch.

Of The Trees

Of The Trees is one of the biggest up and coming names in the left-field bass scene. And if you aren’t familiar already, we’re so excited to share his music with you.

This 2.5 hour original live stream dived deep into his disco. He sampled tracks like “6AM” from Dream Atlas and “Spanish Moss” from his newest Tanglewood EP. And he teased some unreleased ID’s and house riffs that had us thirsty for more.

Oh and just a heads up: the second half of the set is ultimate uwu vibes. Had the chat melting in a virtual cuddle puddle.

Watch on Twitch


DnB auteur Alix Perez and bass music phenom Eprom, first crossed paths in 2013/2014 at Northern Bass in New Zealand. Soon after they began working together, producing Foreign Beggars Modus EP. With this EP, their shared passions for bass music and sonic exploration took hold. And just like that their experimental bass music project SHADES began to form.

Their Digital Mirage live stream builds on that original goal through a captivating exploration of what experimental bass music can sound like.

Step into the shade. I promise you’ll like what you find.


TOKiMONSTA is one of the names in our industry putting out truly unique music right now. Her blending of hip-hop and electronic genres is always exciting to watch and this live stream is no exception.

Toki samples everything from Snoop Dogg, to Zhu, to Fatboy Slim and it’s a P A R T Y. You can bet we’re praising her like we should after this heater of a set.

Electric Hawk Featured Live Stream

Our latest Night Flight mix saw our fearless leader live VJ his whole set to brilliant effect. And afterwards we got a special 2.5 hour downtempo set from Super Future that was the perfect end to a long Sunday of great music.

This Night Flight series is proving to be something special and the guest mix from Super Future really kicked things up a notch. Be on the lookout for more because Night Flight is just preparing for take off.

More Live Stream Greatness Next Week


Lots to unpack. So make sure to check out our Live Stream From The Nest playlist and we’ll have more ready for ya next Friday.

Fly safe birbs.

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