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On the 9th day of Hawkmas, UNKNWN gifts us freedom with Regime Change. A deep magical bass EP that will have you running wild in the forest. Refresh your memory here:

Regime Change was such a dive into a deeper dubstep story where each song holds their own. A piece of work about a sudden and forceful change of power; deep rooted in Celtic influences, this EP will bring you through cycles of emotions. From groovy and hypnotic synths to slimy & grimy hooks, you will go through the motions of awe and slutty simultaneously.

The Green Bay producer shares his 2020 year with us and what he has been working on

UNKNWN has made a collection of aural relics that will reset your mind to a time before Prometheus; Regime Change is music to change the world
UNKNWN – Photo by KL Photos

The Wisconsin-based producer informs us that this year has been a growth period for him as an artist. Starting off the year with sold out shows with MeSo and the Spicy Bois, it was going great until COVID hit. This, however, did not slow him down.

Continuing on with performing on our Harmony Fest series and releasing his Regime Change EP on our very own Electric Hawk Records. During the remainder of the year, UNKNWN, also known as Brock, spent his time writing tons of new music. He gives us a hint that it’s been more melodic than previous works of his.

It was nice to focus on emotional content rather than just making rave hitters and dubstep bops.


You better watch out! UNKNWN has a few aces in the hole for 2021

For now, UNKWN is currently settled back into the studio. You can expect an mixtape filled with his best unreleased work yet. Some real audio magic that will be released along with merch (get thy purses ready), as well as sample packs and tutorials! Whether or not live shows return anytime soon, Brock has quite a few tricks up his sleeve.

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