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To put it frankly, the majority of us have probably spent the past several New Years’ at a show. In the middle of a crowd surrounded by your friends and happy strangers, with confetti pouring from the rafters above during the countdown. Ouch. If anyone is on the same page as us, it’s been a very different reality as this NYE approaches. And it definitely hasn’t been easy.

Fortunately, livestreams have saved the day yet again. More specifically, a specially crafted livestream event called the Passage, brought to you by Of The Trees himself.

This December 31st, join Of The Trees, DMVU, VEIL, Saltus, and DGTLVGND for a state of the art A/V experience from TOWR Media, including a custom stage set up and, of course, a ton of new music.

<You emerge at the top of the hill where you see what seems to be an ancient passage surrounded by gnarling scrab trees and old crumbling ruins. Seemingly left behind by the old ones, the passage beckons you with the jovial tones that emanate from its center. The birds silence as the sounds of thunder roll in the distance. The passage speaks your name as if the wind itself were whispering to you. Do you wish to enter?> [y][n]..

If you choose to enter the passage, you can find tickets for the pay per view event here.

The event is priced at a reasonable $15 per ticket, but you can also choose to support your favorite artists if you have the means and donate extra. On the other hand, if funds are running low for you and you may not be able to afford it, you can also choose to “hitch a ride” – where someone has the opportunity to gift you a ticket. With it being the holiday season, you never know what’ll happen!

No matter where you are as we enter 2021, we wish you a happy and safe New Years from the entire Electric Hawk team, with hopes that it may be a little brighter.

Plus, mark your calendars for the Of The Trees merch drop tomorrow, December 22nd at 3 PM EST. Hop over here to get your hands on one of the sought after OTT beanies, along with a presale run of t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, and MORE.

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