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With elegant precision and captivating melodies, INFDL gives your brain a rest with his latest single, “Translucent.” Boasting a unique blend of wave and bass music elements, INFDL hits every mark with style. Come, relax a little :).

INFDL (pronounced Infidel) is a Producer/DJ based out of Denver, CO with 6+ years of experience under his belt. Molding a unique sound from influences in the dubstep, trance, drum & bass, and early Metal/Rock communities; INFDL has created a new experience that takes any listener on an emotional and thought-provoking journey.

“Translucent” begins with ethereal synthesizers and trance-like percussion patterns. Symbols crash and build the beat with layers upon layers of euphoric sounds. The occasional bass peppered throughout grinds and wobbles it’s way to the next progression. For a little over 5 minutes, INFDL takes your mind on a journey–embodying wave music at its core. This combination of such lush and alluring synths, with trap-seasoned rim taps and hi-hats, makes this an excellent addition to your meditative playlist.

While writing “Translucent,” it started out as a lofi hip-hop beat that I was just messing around with. Soon it became more of a vibe and a feeling that I felt should be expanded on, and the track took on a life of its own. I hope this song helps people take a breath and relax from all the noise streaming directly into our heads every day.

INFDL on writing “Translucent”

Listen to “Translucent” from INFDL below, and support your favorite creatives:

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