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hullabalo0 habaneuro
hullabalo0 habaneuro

Suwanee Energy! That’s all I can think of after listening to the new Hullabalo0 LP, Habaneuro. If you’ve ever been, you’ll understand that this piece of art needs to be experienced live.

Hullabalo0 – Habaneuro LP

Another Day

It starts with a soft bell, like another day for school…walking along the street and then boom, you’re snatched into an uptempo storm of sounds. Just another day in the mind of Hullabalo0.


A personal favorite on the LP, this one right here takes picks up where the last song left you, but instead of cradling you up, you’re thrown into mental boot camp. The bass is much more present in this track and fast-paced drum lines will have you vibrating.


The heavy, seemingly mad piano playing will not give you a break. This is manipulation of sound at its finest. This guy is mad I tell you… MAD!

On The Level

This violin-kissed track and deep bass line will make every hair on your body stand up like you can feel something is coming. This track doesn’t pounce on you; it creeps up on you. And before you know it, you’re consumed.

Blag Blag

This is where you end up after being chewed up and spit out by the last track. The beginning of the track is a little warm up though, gives you a chance to get back on your feet. As soon as you think you’re good… well, that’s another story. Can you hear the Blag Blag??


The crown jewel of the LP — this track lives up to its name. Experiencing this track is like your brain eating a habanero pepper on a dare and realizing you bit off way more than you could chew. The ending is like drinking that glass of milk you know your mouth needs, soft jazzy instrumentals to finally give you a chance to catch your breath.

Interdimensional Stuff

Even with your mouth and ears burning, you aren’t done yet. This track kind of abducts you, like you didn’t look where you were going and fell down the rabbit hole. Again. Might as well explore, right? The sound design in this track is flawless, so much attention to detail. This belongs at the MoMA.

Reality Check [ft. Eden Dowlen]

After you’re done hanging that last piece of art up, time for a quick reality check. Oh wait, what even is reality. You thought you knew, didn’t ya?

“Reality Check” showcases Andrew’s talent as a producer. His construction of the low-end heavy hitting bass sounds and twisting snares couples the rap vocals of Eden Dowlen beautifully.

Halftime Mime

This next track oozes out raw emotional sound design. Its like Hullabalo0 and Eden Dowlen had too much fun making Reality Check, they simply continued the madness into the “Halftime Mime.” The strum of what sounds like a sitar keeps you linked to reality as the otherworldly sounds opens your mind to many possibilities.


The final leg of this long, mind-twisting ride. You’re finally rewarded with a soft cradle down to Earth. A wondrous bubbly, hot air balloon ride back to where you were. This track would make the mysterious Tipper swoon. A wonderful end to a truly wonderful journey. Hope you all enjoyed.

What is Hullabalo0?

The mind behind Hullabalo0, Andrew Bryant, had an early calling in the musical world. Being exposed in childhood to classical music in Europe and Jazz in America, his curiosity expanded in the improvisational power of the piano.


From there, Andrew branched out to other instruments and genres before finding solace in the low-end bass music that began to blossom in the American festival scene. Drawing inspirations and stronger west-coast influences, such as Infected Mushroom and Tipper (to name a couple), this lay the foundation for what would eventually become Hullabalo0.

So again, what is Hullabalo0?

It is project that unites the free-spirited attitude of improvisational music; an amalgamation of a natural-born musician’s journey through culture and sound.


Listen Here: Habaneuro

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