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This week, ALEPH delivers the sophomore track “NOISE FLOOR” to his upcoming debut album, EGO DEATH, on Renraku. The jack-of-all-trades producer already has us pouring over with excitement for the new project. ALEPH’s sound is hard to categorize or put in a box, and that’s the way we like it.

ALEPH has a notably wide range in his music design and production. He’s impressed many with breathtaking releases on the one and only MAD ZOO, as well as in finding a home with the label of fresh future sound, Renraku Global. From break-the-walls-down-type-beat dubstep to soulful and intricate halftime and more, we were excited to hear any and all upcoming projects.

ALEPH – “NOISE FLOOR” – Out on Renraku

“NOISE FLOOR” is like a snapshot of a greater psychedelic experience; a point where stability and rationality begin to come apart. I thought it would be interesting to juxtapose the computational symmetry found in the form of something like techno, with a dark, noisy, static-filled synth sequence. That was generated from the random voltage currents that the analogue hardware I use is so willing to provide.  Leaving the control to the machine and allowing myself to piece it together afterwards felt like the right way to capture the moment, when you’re just trying to hold on but the experience is taking over.

Kai Maynard / aka / ALEPH

After the releases of the first two singles, “POLYMER” and “NOISE FLOOR,” he’s really flaunted his versatility card. ALEPH’s newest single, “NOISE FLOOR” isn’t the punchy dubstep side, or even the melodic halftime side – but the techno-inspired ALEPH. This experimental dance track is just a taste of what’s to come.

“NOISE FLOOR” low-key feels like we hopped into the Cyberpunk 2077 night club and I’m here for it.

Combining soft, static-y and futuristic bouncy synths, he transports listeners straight to the dance floor. But not before introducing his industrial sound design in a haunting yet soothing manner. Clever signature use of panning bring a new layer of intricacy to the track, adding to the element of darkness.

Stream ALEPH’s newest track, “NOISE FLOOR” here

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