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TINK, otherwise known as Ethan Tinkelman, has worked hard to carve out his own unique sound. TINK’s Express & Destroy EP explores your senses with an array of sounds and comes at you hard, sideways.

This EP gives us a glimpse of what’s to come for the young, Orlando-based producer.

TINK – Express & Destroy EP Artwork – Out on Headbang Society

Let your brain “Vibrate.”

The very first track puts the “express” in Express & Destroy. TINK wastes no time getting right into it. He gives some trap and hip-hop percussive elements, before plunging you into the deep, guttural soundscape. Blast this bad boy in ya car and make ya head go brrr with the heavy basslines.

How many bass faces can you make in one song?

In contrast to making bass faces, “Count That” gives you major Flume vibes. A more melodic approach at first, this is quickly discovered to be a ploy. Before you know it, you’re transported into a nasty, quick slapping bass drop.

In the meantime, while you’re sinking to the bottom, the audio cradles you back up. Raising you in that same, melodic snare, until back down the rabbit hole you go.

Do you have seats to the end of the world?

The final installment is a perfect end to this versatile EP. “World Ender” taps into the nasty, diabolic dubstep and absolutely obliterates you. This song is sure to summon a mosh pit with its evil tones clawing out through the heavy bass.

Express & Destroy is a project that is truly ready to hit those festival sound systems. “Vibrate” and “Count That” start the EP off on the right foot, through creative percussion arrangements, exciting melodic elements, and world-class sound design.

Lastly, if you’re looking more for dubstep, TINK has you covered with “World Ender.” A track that is true to its name, carrying an evil tone through heavy basses that are sure to get you raging.

Refusing to be confined by genres, TINK has fused elements from dubstep to trap, as well as hip-hop-influenced percussions.

“My vision for the Express & Destroy EP was to convey the unique styles and sounds of bass music that have shaped me as an artist. Every element of this EP, from sound design to percussion to mixing/mastering, was done in a way that I felt truly encaptured my musical expression as an artist. I am ready to share that expression and will be raising trap arms and snapping necks in the process.”


You can be sure that when live shows come back, Ethan will be there to unleash hell. Having destroyed festivals like Forbidden Kingdom and Asteria Arts & Music Festival, as well as support for big-name acts like Crankdat, Wuki, and Ray Volpe, his work speaks for itself.

Overall, I truly can’t wait to hear these tracks on a proper sound rig, ya hear. It’s sure to shake a pin or two off your hat if you aren’t careful.

You can blast your speakers out right here:

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