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Breakups. Are. Intense. Luckily, we have music to help us through them. The fresh new single “Drift,” from up and coming producer Moore Kismet, does not disappoint! Check it out now, via Bassrush Records.

Moore Kismet Drift
“Drift” Moore Kismet

Moore Kismet gives us a look at the future of electronic music.

Imagine changing the electronic music scene at only 15 years old. Well, Omar Davis, better known as Moore Kismet is doing just that. The young superstar produces forward-thinking, open-minded, bass tunes and has been blowing up following their Digital Mirage Livestream set earlier this year. In other words, Moore Kismet flys high on our radar, recently.

Not many individuals can say they know what direction they would like to head at such a young age. However, Moore Kismet is continuously spot on with their self-expression, which is what we love most about their project! Being openly non-binary, pansexual, and completely supportive of the LQBTQ+ community, Moore Kismet strives to spread inclusiveness and everlasting queerness through their music.

“Drift” is a track from the heart.

Following their recent release of the Revenge of the Unicorns EP, Moore Kismet is back with “Drift.” We are always impressed with what has been brought to the table. This track follows the troubling twists and turns of your thoughts following a chaotic breakup. Featuring emotional vocals from Bajillionaire and Moore Kismet’s usual glitchy, explosive, and genre-bending production, “Drift” will distract you from any heartbreak.

We are stoked to see where Moore Kismet takes this project; it only seems to be moving up from here! Above all, we admire everything Moore Kismet is doing in the electronic music scene. Be sure to check out their whole discography and let us know what you think about “Drift.”

Stream “Drift” from Moore Kismet below!

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