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Sewer Sessions founder Symbiotic inaugurates the new label with his aggressive single “Wrath.” This hard-hitting track evokes memories of classic 2014 dubstep while also staying true to Symbiotic‘s “sewer” style. This track represents the years of work he has put into the music scene and is the perfect way to debut Sewer Sessions Recordings as a label.

Wrath” wastes no time picking up speed into a track with pulsating energy. The drum and kick is quintessential old-school dubstep. It brings back cherished memories of the time before kids wanted to smash their faces onto the rail for twitter likes. Nevertheless, Symbiotic‘s signature sounds are all over the track, it is very much a Sewer Sessions song. “Wrath” is a huge hit during the “40ozSewer Tour” and has also been supported by Excision.

Sewer Sessions

In 2012 Symbiotic began making music as hobby. However, he then stepped it up in 2015 when he first created Sewer Sessions as a platform to showcase music. Since then Sewer Sessions has showcased a variety of dubstep artists like Zhalo, Warned, Akeos, Corrvpt Criminal, Rampage, and Snooko. Known for its very aggressive method and heavy bass, the Sewer Sessions style belies Symbiotic‘s humble personality.

Sewer Sessions I started at first as a joke saying all the music i make was “trash” and then I thought of making that joke into a monthly mix… I decided to push my friends to make mixes and I’d upload it for them under “Sewer Sessions”


I talked to Symbiotic about why he finally turned the platform into a full-fledged label. He emphasized his desire to learn as much as he could about the industry before he could be responsible for other artists’ futures. Symbiotic also made clear that he doesn’t want to trap artists into exclusive contracts. He wants them to have every opportunity to evolve and grow.

I feel after learning over the years I can push them [the artists] the right way…. [my] wanting to push SS [Sewer Sessions] to its highest level without failing myself or the artists.


Sewer Sessions Recordings has big plans for 2020. For instance, Warned will drop a two-track EP on February 21st and there is a group compilation album planned for April. You can also catch Symbiotic on the continuation of his “40oz Sewer Tour” supported by HAMi.


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