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In his newest release, the Linguistics EP, Jaenga once again delivers an alluring combination of melodies, vocals, and heavy bass. Continuing to release on Deadbeats, Jaenga has created a marvelous sonic experience that hits listener at their core.

Patrick McDevitt started the Jaenga project in 2015. He has a rousing bass-style and a signature purple school bus that he takes around the country to festivals like Electric Forest and Camp Bisco. He is Deadbeats label regular with releases like his Toulambi and Primitive EPs.

The first track, “Slave to the Grind,” is named after a coffee shop in Bronxville, NY. In it, Jaenga briefly pairs some vocal samples with a scratchy melody but the backbone of the track is it’s wobbly soundscape. Next, Jaenga teams up with Seattle-based vocalist Charmae on the track “Wildfire.” Charmae‘s mellow vocals perfectly complement the brash bass.

The following track, “Ruckus ft Cojaxx,” is my favorite in the EP. Cojaxx is a Boston-born rapper who has frequently provided vocals for songs on the Wakaan label. In this composition, Cojaxx‘s impeccable flow overlays against a panoply of big, retro sounds like air-raid sirens.

The ensuing two tracks are the previously released “Shivers ft FJØRA” and its VIP. “Shivers” was originally released October 2019 and contains haunting vocals and pummeling bass. Topped off with layers of melodies, this track has a lot of depth to it. In the VIP version that concludes this EP, Jaenga completely transforms “Shivers” into a house heater. Jaenga‘s signature is his eclectic style that weaves old and new, he incorporates OG sounds in ways that push and even surpass the current frontier of bass music. The Linguistics EP is concrete proof of this.

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Featured photo: Allie Mischen

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