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Strap in and brace yourself for 32 minutes of absolute slammers from Sully’s latest guest mix from Annie Nightingale’s BBC1 Radio Show, ‘Ignition Mix’.

Having a successful and strategic breakout year as Sully, he’s left a burning trail of jaw-dropping releases that will shake up any set like ‘Quake‘ and ‘Coast to Coast‘. Every drop has been calculated to garner a burning first impression to the bass music world, and in such a short amount of time he’s turned the heads of many prominent figures, such as the don Liquid Stranger, Luzcid, Champagne Drip, G-Rex, Peekaboo, and more.

There was no doubt in our mind when we heard Sully’s first release, ‘Frequency Shift’, that the man was something truly special. Now he’s on tour and shaking up venues and melting faces across the country with Luzcid, Champagne Drip, and TVBOO on the Double Vision Tour.

Double Vision Tour

See what all the hype is about before you end up hearing his music in every other superstar artists’ sets next year and listen to this absolute heater of a mix, Ignition, on one of the most reknown radio shows.

Listen to Sully’s Ignition Mix below.


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