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Fast forward into a technological future and immerse yourself in the thrilling story line Juche portrays through his upcoming 11-track LP, “Future Love Story.” The full LP is set to be released this October 29th under, a label devoted to underground emotional bass music.

‘Future Love Story’ tells the story of a dystopian timeline through the eyes of MENTAL-E1.14’197’822 and MENTAL-E2.19’698’161; two 20-something’s in a future EU, estranged as children, brought together to fulfill the needs of the State. Their love would give them the motivation to transcend the societal hierarchy, to move about freely in a world of internment and subjugation.


If you can’t wait any longer to hear it, fortunately Juche has released two of the tracks as singles. Both tracks, “Mental Loop” and “For The People,” merge the sounds of trance, progressive house, and down-tempo bass. The style that Juche has developed has no boundaries and just can’t be summed up through words.

Pre-order “Future Love Story” here:

And if you’re looking for a solid playlist to follow, keep up with our weekly Spotify Playlist, Fresh Hunts. Whether it’s the newest drops from Juche, your other favorite artists, some old school, or underground—we want you to hear it.

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