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Yewz really said you boys like experimental trap???? Taking 2SOON’s original extremely dub-heavy, trap hybrid track “Real Shit,” and flipping it upside down.

Arizona based, Yewz, is a master of heavy experimental bass. Creating sounds from all ends of the spectrum from wonks to wubs. Most of his tracks have a way of making you question “what just happened to me?” after listening, and this remix stays true to that.

Yewz comes for our necks with this massive remix. Staying true to the original intro, before making it all his own with the first drop. The snare itself is literally making me question all other snares before it. Production on one thousand, unlocking next levels of sound. Alright, now please ignore me while I geek over the second drop. As if he wasn’t already going in, he says but wait there’s more… A completely unexpected twist into some wet, wonky, bubbly stuff that we aren’t sure is even legal. Needless to say, we’re gonna need some time to reflect after listening to this track.

The talented producer has more new stuff dropping very soon, so be sure you keep up. Listen to his remix of 2SOON’s “Real Shit” below, and show it some love.

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