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The undisputed metal-dubstep champion, Sullivan King, has blessed us once again with his first release of the year, To The Grave EP. Out now via Subsidia Records, this EP includes 7 tracks including collabs with Excision and Benda.

After releasing tracks on the first 3 Subsidia compilations, it was about time we got a full Sullivan King EP to start the year!

The first track on the EP, “War,” gives us the fast-paced, heavy drops we love from The King. This track sets the tone for the rest of the EP, foreshadowing the heavy metal and screamo elements Sullivan King is known for incorporating!

To The Grave“—ahhh, the title track. Maybe we lied; “To The Grave” could be the real mood-setter. Starting off slow with more vocals, this dubstep anthem brings fewer metal aspects and more clean drops—that is to say, until the second drop. Leading into this drop, with iconic screams and a quick tempo, we get the textbook Sullivan King vibes.

Tinnitus“—“ringing or buzzing noise in one or both ears that may be constant or come and go, often associated with hearing loss.” In other words, something 95% of Sullivan King fans can relate to, yeah? When we heard Sullivan King was teaming up with Benda, we knew we were in for something berserk. This high-energy track has us feeling like we’re front and center on the rail at Lost Lands again. Ahhh, memories.

No strangers to working together, Excision and Sullivan King now have 3 collabs under their belt. Multiple shows, tours, and festivals played together, it was no surprise Sullivan King was going to become a Subsidia favorite! “Unbound” gives us the same violent dubstep they love to deliver, mixed with King’s recognizable vocals and world-class guitar-riffs.

More metal, more dubstep.

Y’all know that voice effect on Tik Tok that makes your voice sound wavy and distorted? Sullivan King used that to his advantage during “Stitches.” Telling us to “~OpEn Up ThE fUcKiNg PiTtTt~” but in a way that makes us smile before absolutely losing our marbles. Basically, 10/10 would break my neck to this song.

Drum Mag” is exactly what comes to mind when we think about Subsidia Dusk: Vol. 1. This track set the tone for the compilation album and was the perfect track to tie the To The Grave EP together. It gives us fewer vocals and guitar-riffs but more nasty, violent dubstep.

To close out the album, Sullivan King ends it with “Lifeless“—a beautiful track that shows a different side of him. Just when you think all this track can bring is endless amounts of tears, we’re met with a heavy, melodic drop near the end. The range and diversity Sullivan King can show in a single EP is a huge reason for his success and strong, die-hard fanbase.

We can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for Sullivan King! Check out the To The Grave EP here.

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