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With each record dropped, Street Ritual consistently serves us with dark soundscapes defined by haunting depths and heavy bass. This release is no different – the label graces us with the latest Slang Dogs EP, Vitriol. Known for their filthy bass lines and diverse genre incorporation, Slang Dogs now showcase their twist on 140.

Photo courtesy of Slang Dogs
Photo courtesy of Slang Dogs

“The deep sub, atmospheric environments, and rhythms that make up the standard 140 have always been a huge inspiration to us. The Vitriol EP is our take on this style, and we’re proud that taste makers like Street Ritual gave it a good home.”

– Slang Dogs

Slang Dogs Twist Deep Dubstep

Before taking off for Lost Lands Music Festival, Slang Dogs dropped their version of 140, proving they can tackle any subgenre of bass music. The two-track EP starts with the cavernous “Turn EM” intro track, then creeps into the trap-flared “Ill Intent.” Slang Dogs stay true to their sound, using their signature occult style and bass lines to tie these tracks together.

Vitriol is a project that represents how dark we could take 140. Because we make so many different styles of music, we typically have some variation on the genre that we make. The result is Vitriol, an extremely dark and ominous form of deep dubstep that screams Slang Dogs.

This EP is yet another testament to the many different styles of music we create but still sound like us. It’s a pillar of our project that is diverse, but still holds a specific sound that is recognizable. This project is what Slang Dogs 140 sounds like.

– Slang Dogs

Slang Dogs continues to stay on our radar with consistent heavy-hitters like their recent GHOSTMANE remix. After teasing fans with multiple unreleased tracks in sets and their Ravenscoon Radio mix, the duo hints they’re not stopping anytime soon. From drum and bass to rap remixes to dark flips, we can’t even fathom what they’ll take on next.

Listen to all of Vitriol by Slang Dogs below!

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