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Festival season is back, and Lost Lands Music Festival is only a few months away. Members of the Canyonnauts Fam (F.K.A The Bass Canyon Discord Server), who typically attend Bass Canyon have decided to skip this year in favor of Lost Lands. Join us on our journey into the prehistoric world.

This will be the first time Bass Canyon will be missed by many of us. Being based in the Pacific Northwest, planning festivals at The Gorge is not only convenient but very affordable. We consider ourselves fortunate to have amazing festivals hosted at the most gorgeous venue in the West. However, lineups for other festivals like Lost Lands are getting better and the FOMO is hitting harder. Couch Lands is fun and all, but we are ready to hunt new adventures.

First, we need to figure out logistics because we are in over our heads. Scurrying across the country to a ruthless festival like Lost Lands is stressful no matter what. We may be smiling on the outside but on the inside, this is us:

Stolen meme from the Lost Lands Twitter account (@lost_lands)

In the Lost Lands channel on Discord, I asked a few questions regarding logistics, anticipation, and accessibility.

  • How do you feel about the lineup?
  • Are you flying or driving? (If road tripping, I would love to know your plans)
  • For those of you that have attended in the past, what are some tips you have for first-timers?
  • If you have any disabilities or special needs, do you feel like you will have proper accommodations at the fest?

Lost Lands Lineup

The Lost Lands 2023 lineup was unveiled and it’s roaring with fire. The bill is stacked with names that have us pumped and ready to go feral. However, we know Lost Lands is notorious for unforgivable set conflicts. From what I’ve gathered, this is the thing our fam is dreading most. This isn’t something we really had to worry about at Bass Canyon. Lost Lands offers more diversity with their stages and acts they put on. My biggest fear is that BORGORE and Ivy Lab will conflict. I’m pleading to the bass gods asking to spare my soul of that anguish. My heart won’t be able to take it.

The Migration to Legend Valley

While most of the fam will be catching flights, there are a few adventurous souls going for epic road trips. As for me and my partner, we will be opting for both. We’ll soar into O’Hare and then swoop a cargo van to venture over to Legend Valley. One thing I absolutely love about renting cargo vans for festivals is that you don’t have to worry about tents. You can easily fit a queen mattress inside and still have plenty of space for all your camping needs. It’s super comfortable, convenient, and saves you some serious cash, especially if you’re trekking long distances.

Tips from our Lost Lands Tour Guides

Our seasoned Lost Landers gave us some useful tips, as some things mentioned weren’t anything to worry about at The Gorge. For one, weed is legal in Washington State and very illegal in Ohio. I cry on the inside knowing I won’t be able to puff on the zaza under a dinosaur’s butthole. Hopefully, grazing on Island Noodles will make up for it (I swear they better be as good as you guys claim.) In addition to the za, cell service isn’t bad at The Gorge depending on your carrier. Investing in some walkie-talkies for Lost Lands may be the way to go for fams rolling deep. Also, due to the terrain and how massive Legend Valley is, it seems like VIP is really the way to go for comfortability.

Overall, the discussion was engaging, and new things were discovered. One of our newer members stated that they were having second guesses about attending since they will be traveling solo and having a disability makes it hard to set up and break down camp. We welcomed them with open arms because we are a family and no one gets left behind.

Though traveling across the country for a camping festival holds its own challenges, we are genuinely thrilled and look forward to roaming new lands. What’s a better way to capture this Jurassic excursion than to document on film, right?

Documenting my friends’ escapades has been a passion project of mine for many years.

I never had the support, time, or resources to bring my vision to life. Now that I do, I am excited to embark on this journey. It’s an exhilarating feeling knowing I get to turn my long-held passion into a reality, with the immense support of my rave fam. The movies Super 8 and Project Almanac serve as my inspiration for this project, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

While the final result will be uploaded to YouTube, I intend to create physical copies as cherished keepsakes for the Canyonnauts. In this digital age where convenience favors digital media, I deeply believe that having physical copies is important. Especially, when it comes to preserving memories and events. It’s all about the act of physically handling your memories. You’re seeing the art of the box, removing the media and inserting it into a player. Though this moment is brief, It’s still a unique sensory experience of anticipation that’s vastly different than simply clicking a video to watch.

My goal is to capture art in all its beautiful forms at Lost Lands 2023. It will be a timeless piece of media. Something we’ll watch years from now and feel like we were there the day before.

The Canyonnauts Fam has shared everlasting moments at The Gorge Amphitheater in the past.

However, the hype around Dubstep Disneyland is too compelling to pass up this year. Documenting our journey to Lost Lands will not only serve as a creative outlet for myself but foster a beautiful bonding experience for the community. It will be a chance to showcase the evolution of our love for music and camaraderie alike. 

The prehistoric shenanigans and non-stop dubstep is going to create an electrifying atmosphere that will be truly unforgettable. We are ready to traverse the Lands of the Lost and embrace a realm of the unknown. 

Join the Canyonnauts Fam Discord here!

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