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Hamdi released his latest EP, Counting, with Deadbeats on September 29th. He’s taken the attention of listeners from across the world and has received praise from artists like Skrillex, Zeds Dead, and more. After the massive success of his previous EPs, like Skanka, this EP is sure to bring tracks that will have listeners indulging in Hamdi’s signature sound.

Hamdi photographed by @landbear

Let’s start Counting.

The EP starts off strong with a familiar song we all know and love: “Counting”.

Like the song title promises, Princess Superstar’s constant, guiding vocals reel us in with “One, two, three, four…”

The beat picks up while the vocals keep us counting and floating.

This track is guaranteed to get a crowd pumped up, and we’re daydreaming of the day we get to hear this live.

“Arms Up” starts with an eerie energy…

There’s a voice ringing through the speakers. Where is this going? We can’t wait to find out.

The curiosity builds up – and so does the beat.

There’s a metallic essence running through the track. When it gets faster, everything else gets faster; when it gets slower, everything else gets slower. It’s a constant, with the vocals and treble working in tandem. When the beat slows down, it seems to center us… right before everything starts moving even faster than before.

However, it’s the metallic parts of the track that keep us going, all the way to the last note.

Up next is “Dubplate (feat. Archie)”. It pulls on familiar sounds – it’s old school yet new, all at the same time.

Touched with a hint of nostalgia, track is strong: the warm vocals welcome the horns in the background, and there are sounds of drums guiding us through the various elements in the track.

This one is soothing, inviting, friendly, and we never want it to end.

Are you still Counting?

“Criminal (Zeds Dead x Hamdi)” can get anyone dancing, whether they are familiar with this track or not.

The vocals are a perfect contrast to the darkness of the beat and treble in the background. The contrasting sounds leave us craving more, even in the first three seconds of the track.

Zeds Dead and Hamdi are a trio we need more of.

“One Strobe” has high energy right off the bat. Dragging us in, we willingly accept.

This one makes us want to move and tap our toes to the fast-paced beat.

It’s quick, intense, and perfect. The energy is consistent – perfectly closing out the new EP.

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to Hamdi.

Whether it’s seeing him live or hearing his new tracks in the pipeline, we’re excited to see what Hamdi does next.

Be sure to check out if Hamdi is coming to a city near you.

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